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Superman Pinball Machine

There was a Superman Pinball machine released in 1979

Type: Atari Pinball Machine
Title: Superman
Produced by: Atari Inc.
Date: March 1979
Description: 1 to 4 player action. WideActionTM playfield. New Space Age sounds. Ball-to-ball memory. New cabinet design. New solid state electronic system. Replay or add-a-ball, 3 or 5 ball. Complete accounting system.

Superman was released by Atari in March of 1979 and designed by Steve Ritchie. Part of the "Golden Age" of pinball.

Superman Pinball Machine The Playfield:
The plunger sends the ball to the top rollover lanes, getting 1, 2 & 3 doubles bonus, adding lane 4 triples bonus. Each rollover adds to the bonus itself. Three pop bumpers are directly below the rollover lanes. Bumpers score 100 or 1000 when lit. Only one or two are lit at the same time. Below the pop bumpers there are 5 drop targets. Hitting the one that is lit awards more points. Shots off the drop targets can easily bounce into the right out lane, you have to be very careful.
The right side has a lane called "Luthor's Lair" with a "Luthor" spinner at the bottom. The right side has a similar lane called the "Fortress of Solitude" with a "Superman" spinner and a little loop at the top before it feeds the in lanes. Between the "Fortress of Solitude" and the pop bumpers there is a small lane that leads to a kick-out. It awards points, an extra ball or special depending on how many sets of drop targets are completed.
Below the "Fortress of Solitude" is a pop bumper over the left out lane. White stand up targets and the return lanes near the flippers spell SUPERMAN for 30,000 points.

Game Play:
Your have several objectives -

  1. get the in lanes to double and triple the bonus
  2. Get the drop targets to up the value of the kick out
  3. hit targets and lanes to spell SUPERMAN
  4. reach score targets or awards for extra ball

Superman Pinball Machine Superman Pinball Machine Superman Pinball Machine Superman Pinball Machine