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Superman Newspaper Strips

The daily Superman newspaper comic strip began in January 6, 1939, and a separate Sunday strip was added on November 5, 1939. These strips ran continuously until May 1, 1966. The comic strips had a brief revival from 1977 to 1983 coinciding with the first three Superman movies.

In the early years, the Superman comic strip was helmed by creators Siegel and Shuster, and though Shuster was ghosted by several other artists due to his failing eyesight, he still insisted on doing the inking himself.

In 1941, the McClure Syndicate had placed the strip in hundreds of newspapers. At its peak, the strip was in over 300 daily newspapers and 90 Sunday papers, with a readership of over 20 million.

The newspaper strip was the first place where the use of the name Krypton was seen, and Superman's parents being originally called Jor-L and Lora.

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