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Superman Bike Trick

There's a bike trick called "Superman"

There's a very popular trick that BMX bike and dirt bike riders like to perform called "Superman".

Originally invented in 1987, the "Superman" has the rider taking both feet off the pedals and stretching their body to the back to look like Superman flying. It has a few variations like the "Superman-seat-grab" (where the rider grabs the seat instead of the handlebars), or even the "Superman-nothing" (where the rider stretches and lets go of the handlebars for a moment, flying completely off the bike!).

How to do a Superman on a BMX Bike

  • Approach the lip of the jump with enough speed to easily clear the distance. The jump generally consists of a short ramp and gap before your landing area.

  • Slide your feet off to the side as soon as the bike leaves the lip of the ramp.

  • Use the momentum of the jump to push the bike in front of you, and straighten your arms.

  • Pull your feet together and straighten your legs out and back. The bike should be out in front of you.

  • Your body should be flat at the apex of this jump, like you are lying down (or flying like the Man of Steel). The bike should be parallel with your body.

  • Pull your feet back up to the bike.

  • Eye the landing and be sure that you are coming in straight and level. You may need to pull the back of the bike up or drop the front wheel.

  • Land smooth and in control.


You should do this on a jump that will give you a decent amount of hang time, especially when you're first learning it. A tabletop with about a 10-foot gap should be good. Once you have Supermans dialed, you can do them faster on longer jumps.

Be sure to slide your feet off the pedals gently. If you push off of them, you'll push the bike away and you'll probably wreck.

When you push the bike in front of you, do it gently, with the momentum from the jump. If you push too hard or jerky, you'll lose it.

As you get more comfortable with the trick, you'll be able to stretch out more.


BMX freestyle is an inherently dangerous activity that can result in serious injury or death. We recommend that you seek proper training and equipment before attempting this activity.

Always wear a helmet.