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Exclusive Interview with Sculptor Bob Causey

[Date: July 6, 2004]

Finished Sculpture Bob Causey and Bob Dullam work together as a team. Bob Dullam does all the sculpting out of clay, makes a mold then hands it over to Bob Causey who does the hair, eyes, skin, and mounting. For personal reasons, the two Bobs recently took on the job of creating a sculpture of Christopher Reeve as Superman.

The Superman Homepage would like to thank Bob for agreeing to do this interview.

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Finished Sculpture Q: Can you please tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

A: We build replica costumes and props. Guitars. We build anything.

Q: What prompted this project? What prompted you to use the Reeve Superman as the basis for this project?

A: He is the definative Superman of my generation. The definative Clark Kent.

Q: What materials are you sculpting it from?

A: Oil based clays, sometimes water based clays.

Q: Is it just yourself and Bob Dullam working on this? Or are more people involved?

A: Just us two.

Q: What does one do with a life size replica of Chris Reeve as Superman once it's made?

A: Start working on the surounding area (diorama). Get some good lighting on it.

Finished Sculpture Q: Christopher Reeve was in various states of physical fitness throughout the filming of "Superman: The Movie", a fact that is sometimes obvious when watching the first 2 films - does this complicate your work? How do you work around this? Are you trying to get accurate or approximate body measurements?

A: Yes, in fact I had to refer to pictures of him not as superman, to fully understand the bone structure. The makeup involved in that film made getting the facial structure really tough.

Q: When did you start this project? When do you anticipate it being completed?

A: It took me four weeks to do the head. Bob went through a number of versions, I went through several version of the sculpture.

Q: What are your future plans, if any, as related to Superman projects?

A: We have been asked to provide a statue at a movie reunion in L.A. next year with most of the original cast members.

Progress Photo of Sculpture Q: Have you had any contact with Christopher Reeve about this project?

A: None.

Q: Where do you hope to display the sculpture when it's complete?

A: In our homes in good lighting and in a good diorama.

Q: Are you making just the one? Or do you plan to make multiple sculptures of this?

A: Just a few.

Q: Are you funding this project yourself? Or have you been commissioned to do it?

A: A lot of our projects come from inspiration. You gotta like what you are doing a tremendous amount, then it shows, then at some point money will present itself. None of the stuff we do starts with money. It starts with - are we really into this project, heart and soul... I could do a lot of junk for money. digging a ditch perhaps.

Other Sculptures by the Bobs Q: The Superman Homepage has learnt that Mike Hill (the artist who created the Alex Ross wax Superman sculpture) is also currently working on a Chris Reeve Superman sculpture. Did you know this? What is your reaction?

A: Did not know this until I was nearly done, it came up in conversation with Mike H. That was quite awkward. But, lots of artists do the same pieces, or like pieces, So it's really about your own work.

Thanks for allowing the Superman Homepage to interview you!

A: My pleasure. I sincerely hope that people enjoy this piece. This is a tribute to whom I consider the yardstick by which all other actors who play the character will be measured.