October 12, 2016: First Look at James Olsen as The Guardian on “Supergirl”

161012-guardianThe CW has released the first official photo of Mehcad Brooks as The Guardian for Season 2 of “Supergirl”.

Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg revealed that Olsen will take to the streets as a vigilante this year. “James has a pretty big turn coming up,” Kreisberg says. “These next few episodes are going to make him realize that being a photographer… is not enough for him, so he’s going to go on a pretty exciting career trajectory that we’re really pumped by. James is going to decide that he can no longer sit back and be a sidekick, so he’s going to decide to become a vigilante and he’s going to become Guardian – complete with the shield – which is going to cause a massive problem in his relationship with Kara [Melissa Benoist], because he has decided not to tell her.

“Now there’s this new masked vigilante, and she has her own feelings about vigilantes, and it becomes a push and pull about who gets to decide who gets to be a hero?” Kreisberg continues. “He’s recruited Winn [Jeremy Jordan] to help him, Winn is his man in the van, so the two of them are doing this together. Winn and James together is comedy gold. Watching Winn, as he takes his job at the DEO, but then he’s lying to everybody about how he’s spending his nights, because he’s going out with James, and how he walks in exhausted or walks in with a black eye and says he walked into a door, is the fun excitement of building these first 10 episodes.”

Season 2 of “Supergirl” airs on Monday nights at 8.00pm on The CW in the USA.

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October 12, 2016 8:07 pm

So did they just kinda beerslam The Guardian and Steel?

October 12, 2016 8:40 pm
Reply to  MattComics

What are you on? Looks nothing like steel. Only the color scheme does.

October 12, 2016 9:41 pm
Reply to  Jon-El82

Ok, bypassing your needless insinuation of drug use for the moment, mainly I was just wondering aloud if maybe they had the thought to combine elements of the two characters for Jimmy’s superhero identity here and yes the color scheme is part of what made me think of it since blue and gold are the colors usually associated with The Guardian. Also that he has a full helmet and if you wanted to do Steel or something like Steel on a budget that wouldn’t really allow for trying to pull off Steel’s face armor the way it’s depicted in the… Read more »

Super El
October 13, 2016 8:44 am
Reply to  MattComics

I know right?

October 12, 2016 9:49 pm


October 12, 2016 10:46 pm

From the start I always thought Mehcad Brooks would have been better suited to play John Henry Irons/Steel instead of Jimmy “James” Olsen. Hopefully The Guardian doesn’t ruin the chances of Steel showing up on Supergirl.

October 13, 2016 12:12 am

Looks like this version of the costume is leaning more toward the Young Justice design than the classic blue/gold garb. As this series has a real Silver Age vibe to it, I would have preferred to see the traditional blue/gold. But since they can’t even get red trunks on Supes, I figure all bets are off on second-string characters.

On the up side – I like the fact that CW/DC are introducing their catalog of heroes into their tv/movie universe. It’s a great time to be a geek.

October 13, 2016 5:47 am

Yeeeeeaaaaaah… they really wrote themselves in a corner with Jimmy, didn’t they.

October 13, 2016 12:48 pm

“Great Scott! The TroubAlert is picking up a bad storyline decision!”

October 13, 2016 3:35 pm

THis costume STINKS! It looks nothing like the comic book costume it’s supposed to be based on. And I agree with NeoRanger, they don’t know what to do with this version of Jimmy Olsen they created. And now that they axed the love-interest angle, he serves no purpose at all. Powerless vigilantes belong on ‘Arrow’. This show already has Supergirl, The Martian Manhunter, kick-ass Alex, and the DEO. (And Superman if they bring him back for more episodes. And possibly Mon-el, if he turns out to be a good guy, And Miss Martian is showing up too) So James needs… Read more »

October 13, 2016 4:47 pm
Reply to  Man-O-Steal

That is one of my few complaints about this weeks episode. The romance angle between Kara and James is really abruptly thrown away especially when you consider that it’s only been 12 hours since the finale of season one. It felt completely off character wise and it seems like it’s only there so the writers have room for other would-be suitors.

Seems like a red flag that this is going to be the Smallville Clark & Lana on again off again here we go again oh god not again relationship of the show.

October 13, 2016 6:10 pm

Ahhhh. A fleshed out CW version of Ninjago.
Although the look does remind me of ninja films starring Sho Kosugi. Those were classics.

October 14, 2016 5:43 pm

I laughed when I first saw this. LOL! 🙂

Then, I thought, I hope this is played out semi-seriously and Winn & James give a lot of comedic moments that make me laugh while still have something serious going on in the plot. Maybe they’ll play it out like Chloe O’Brian & Jack Bauer on 24, with more humor.

October 14, 2016 10:09 pm


October 15, 2016 2:38 am

Plus, no chance of Jim Harper being The Guardian, and not to get corny, but no news boys legion either most likely, and if anybody remembers, they happen to find and free Superboy, from Cadmus in the Death Superman, so chances of Superboy showing up either, I think are pretty low. But if he does I hope it be the Death of Superman version.