November 10, 2016: Larry Teng Talks About the Parasite on “Supergirl”

parasite-supergirlDirector Larry Teng returned to “Supergirl” for the first time in Season 2 to direct the sixth episode of the new season. spoke with Larry, who previously directed episodes including, “Human for a Day”, “Falling” and the season finale “Better Angels”, to ask him about “Changing” and the introduction of the Parasite to the series. Here’s part of the interview…

Teng: Early concept sketches and concept art between myself and Andrew [Kreisberg] and Armen over at Encore Visual Effects we had to figure out how big he was going to be so all the framing basically yielded to his size. Armen feels about 10 feet tall, but really I had the easy part I just sort of shot the plates, he did all the animation, all the rendering and it looks amazing, it looks absolutely incredible. We wanted him to look like a monster and you know there’s many interpretations of The Parasite in the history of the comics but we wanted our version to embody more of a monster, than anything else and the product is really awesome. It’s full-on, it sort of follows Armen’s work as Gorilla Grodd and King Shark, we used some of the same techniques when it came down to filming and we storyboarded all that stuff extensively to figure out exactly what we needed The Parasite to do in those scenes and I’m looking forward to it.

Read the entire interview at, and follow Larry Teng on Instagram for videos like the one below…

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November 10, 2016 6:28 pm

Man, having the secondary mouth there is grody touch but I agree that having him be more of a monster if effective. I hope they don’t have his origin and instead have him be something Superman has fought before and he winds up in National.