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DC Universe Online

November 26, 2008: Jim Lee Discusses "DC Universe Online"

The New Zealand Herald has published an interview with artist Jim Lee discussing the up-coming "DC Universe Online" MMO (massive multiplayer online) game. Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    How big will the DC Universe be?

    JL: It's huge. For a start you've got Gotham and Metropolis plus lots of other parts of the DC comic's world. The cities really do feel huge and will have free form exploration whilst other areas might be more mission specific.

    What will separate DC Universe from other MMOGs like World of Warcraft or Everquest?

    JL: In DC Universe you can choose to be either a super hero or a villain. You get to create a costume, design your super powers, even who you want to help, be it a super hero like Superman or a villain like the Joker. As you spend more time in DC Universe you'll grow in power (or notoriety)... In DC Universe we really want you to go out and create your own legend, your own mythos.

    So DC Universe will really draw on its comic book roots?

    JL: Definitely, there's 70 years of comic book history to draw on. There's great story lines which can be adapted to the game and you'll get to play in the same stomping ground as say Superman or Batman. We're also trying to capture the dynamic game play aspects so you're constantly flying, running and then there's also real physics that involve parts of the city, so the game environment literally becomes your playground.

Read the complete interview at the NZHerald website.

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