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Jerry's House

July 29, 2008: Fans Visit Jerry Siegel's Home

90.3 WCPN has an article and audio file about Jerry Siegel's home in Cleveland, Ohio and how the family currently living there deal with Superman fans wanting to see where the Man of Steel was first created.

    It's 3pm on a summer afternoon. African-American children play on the sidewalks. Older wooden houses line Kimberley Street. But one house stands out. It's painted red and blue. This is the home of Jefferson and Hattie Gray.

    Mhari Saito: Hello? Thank you.

    The Grays moved here in 1983. Three years later the city of Cleveland declared it a historic landmark. And then fans started knocking on the door.

    Hattie Gray: Here we go, for the 150th time
    Mhari Saito: Have you done this before?
    Hattie: Yeah....

    The house is no museum. The Grays raised their four children here. Visitors tromp through their rooms. Jerry Siegel's relatives visited from Florida once and told the Grays what they knew of Superman's origins.

    Hattie Gray: This was supposed to have been Jerry's room right here.
    Jefferson Gray: He did most of his writing from that room and in the attic.

Read or listen to the complete report at the WCPN.org website.

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