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Superman Returns

June 4, 2008: MSN Rates Superhero Costumes

With the up-coming release of the new Hulk movie, MSN Movies has picked out a dozen or so Superhero movie outfits and gives them a rating.

Here's what they had to say about the Superman costume from "Superman Returns".

    Superman: C

    On the bright side, the creators of the 2006 Superman remake wisely resisted the urge to drop the Man of Steel into a made-of-steel, chiseled suit carved to look like a cover of Men's Health. Here, Superman looks like he might actually be a journalist in disguise. They also deserve credit for keeping Superman in mostly patriotic colors. Superman may be a little too "truth, justice and the American Way" for some people, but we're talking about Superman, here. He's gotta be him, and one-notch-shy of actually wearing a flag always made sense for this farm boy. This leads to our one complaint: What up with the burgundy boots and cape? Red states yield red capes; burgundy is for wine drinkers.

Check out the complete report and gallery at MSN's website.

Thanks to Seby for the lead on this news.

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