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April 7, 2008: Superman Theme to Up-Coming “Funky Winkerbean” Comic Strip

Cleveland's "The Plain Dealer" reports on a visit to Jerry Siegel's old house in Cleveland, Ohio by Tom Batiuk, author of the comic strip "Funky Winkerbean".

    Batiuk said he planned to somehow incorporate the house into his strip. Recently, he mailed me 18 daily and three Sunday strips he created.

    The three-week series begins Monday, Aug. 11, and budges aside the current story line, which has been finished for months. Most cartoonists work months in advance of what you see published. Unlike many artists, Batiuk works almost a year in advance.

    The story is about a comic writer who gets the assignment of a lifetime -- writing Superman. When he gets stuck, a buddy says he needs inspiration and drives him to visit the house where it all began. Batiuk drew the house based on photos he took that day and turned out a smart little story.

Read the complete report at the Cleveland.com website, and check out the "Funky Winkerbean" strip online.

Thanks to Rob Corns for the lead on this story.

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