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Superman #651

April 27, 2006: Exclusive Interview with Geoff Johns

Superman Homepage writer Neal Bailey caught up with fan favorite comic book writer Geoff Johns in a phone interview recently, and asked him all about the "Up, Up and Away!" arc in the monthly Superman comic books and "Infinite Crisis".

The Superman Homepage would like to thank Geoff for agreeing to do this interview, and for fitting it into his busy schedule.

    Neal: You're bringing back Intergang, Perry with a cigar, Clark at the Planet, Jimmy as a schlub, and Luthor as the businessman, at least in that first issue. Essentially status quo for before the events post-Doomsday. That, coupled with the people who have been reading Supes since 1992, makes it seem like a conscious effort to bring back the time when people thought everything was most cohesive, or at least ongoing and related, and you being a continuity nut would know that. Is this going to be in just your story, or is this the broader editorial direction for Superman in general?

    Geoff: I think the direction is, well, Matt Idleson is our editor, and he wanted to get to a very iconic-based Superman world again where the Daily Planet, you know, Clark's at the Daily Planet, you know, Jimmy has his role, Perry has his role. Our Luthor's role will evolve and change as we go forward, I think into something new and good. And Lois had her role. We did, we made a conscious effort to try and get, there's always a back-to-basics approach, and I guess in a way we've done that, we're trying to do that in another way, to be a lot of good characters, some spins on characters that have been around we tried, we wanted to try to flesh out Metropolis in a different light, with the Avenue of Tomorrow being one of the pieces there, and just kind of, you know we just wanted this to be a very straightforward Superman story about Clark Kent and what being Superman is to him, and giving us a clean slate and setting all the pieces on the stage. We're not trying to make a conscious effort to go back to anything specific except an era that we feel will work best for the kind of stories that we want to tell.

Listen to the half-hour audio interview (7.5mb MP3 file) and/or read the complete interview transcript right here at the Superman Homepage!

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