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Warhol Superman Painting

March 6, 2005: Warhol Superman Painting in Multi-Million Dollar Collection

A March 3rd New York Times article about Wall Street trader Steven A. Cohen included a sidebar showing images of "prominent works of art" which Cohen spent "hundreds of millions of dollars" purchasing. Among the items pictured (which include a $52 million Jackson Pollock painting titled "No. 8, 1950" and a $20 million Monet painting of "Waterlilies") is a $25 million Andy Warhol painting titled "Superman" from 1960.

The painting appears to be based on a comic-book panel of Superman blowing out a fire, complete with the word "PUFF!"

This is not the only painting Warhol did of Superman, but it's certainly interesting to note the dollar value of the painting. Superman's success in the world of fine art is a distinction that is most likely unique to him alone.

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