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February 25, 2004: Maria Canals Talks Hawkgirl and “Justice League”

Comics2Film.com correspondent Xum Yukinori was able to conduct an interview with Maria Canals, the actress who does the voice of Hawkgirl on the Cartoon Network animated series "Justice League". Here's an excerpt from the interview...

Q: Let's talk a bit about season two, where the stories started to have more focus on your character - especially in a romantic subplot with Phil LaMarr's Green Lantern character.

A: Oh, yeah.

Q: Bruce Timm has stated that, from the very beginning, it would be interesting to put these two strong forceful characters together "and watch the sparks fly..."

A: (Laughter.)

Q: But this romantic angle, was that something you knew about early on?

A: It was sprung onto us, or at least to me, by the writers. I had no idea.

Q: When was it sprung onto you?

A: I think it was midway through [the series]. There were some subtle hints here and there. But I first remember a session where [Phil, as Green Lantern,] said he doesn't sleep well and then I say my line and he replies, "You know I don't [have problems sleeping anymore]." And I said, (astounded) "What was that, Bruce [Timm]?! This is a show for kids too!" And then it just started getting more and more dramatic and open and it was a lot of fun [to do]. [The relationship] developed quite nicely, I think... little by little. And the episode where we first kiss, ["Wild Cards,"] that was major! [Green Lantern is] sitting there -- shirtless I may add -- and I talk about how different we are and it would never work, and he says, (mimicking) "All I see is a man and a woman." And then he just grabs me and takes my mask off and kisses me. When I saw that scene, it was so arousing... and this was a cartoon! (Laughter.) It was really beautifully done. Just like a movie. It's just filled with so much tension, the way I'm fighting my attraction to him, and he wears me down... and of course the unveiling of my face coupled with my emotions coming out. And it's just very powerful on the kiss. It's just great. It's my favorite scene on the show so far.

Read the complete interview at the Comics2Film website.

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