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August 29, 2003: Rolf Mohr Talks "Superman Lives"

Superman-V.com caught up with Rolf Mohr, a 3D/Conceptual artist who has worked on vast amount of game, toy and film projects, including the aborted "Superman Lives" project. His impressive resume includes; Men in Black 2 and Jurassic Park 3 just to name a few. He drew sketches of characters and vehicles for "Superman Lives" that would work well in the film if translated in to toys for Hasbro. Rolf kindly answered questions on the failed project and shed some light on the new film that's being worked on now. He was generous enough to provide an exclusive gallery full of concept sketches aswell. Here's an excerpt from the interview...

Q: How did you come to design your concepts?

A: I was given characters and vehicles to design by Hasbro. They directed me to come up with ideas for Brainiac in several modes - first as a statesman-like ambassador, then in various states of transformation - as a living alien technology grows around him and absorbs everything it comes across... and finally as a monstrous biomechanical creature. I also did designs for his Skullship, as well as Superman's suit in different modes of operation.

Q: What designs did you do for the Superman costume?

A: I did several variations on the Eradicator suit - in his human, armoured form and in its "interceptor" mode for when the suit transformed into a flying vehicle. On some of them I went for quite a heavy, monumental look - a bit influenced by Expressionism and the early Italian Futurists...

Visit the Superman-V website to read the complete interview and to view the concept sketches supplied by Rolf Mohr.

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