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June 21, 2002: Share Your Ideas with DC Direct

Now is your chance to tell DC Direct what Superman Collectibles you would like to see.

SupermanCollectors.com have made plans to attend the WizardWorld Comic Convention (formerly ChicagoCon). In the scheduled list of events for the convention is a brainstorming session with DC Direct

    1:00 PM Friday 5 July 2002
    Brainstorming with DC Direct
    Join DC's President/Sales & Marketing Rob Wayne and DC Direct Art Director Ed Balkus for a brainstorming session. Your idea could be the next DC Direct product!

If there is something YOU have always wanted to see from DC Direct, email Jeff Germann and he will put together a presentation to leave with Rob Wayne and Ed Balkus of all the collectibles you want to see.

Is there a Classic Comic Book Cover you want to see recreated in 3D? Like the Superman and Supergirl DC Direct Statue.

order info
Superman and Supergirl DC Direct Statue
US$ 195.00
Still Available in the Superman Gift & Collectors Store is the new Superman and Supergirl Statue by DC Direct, continuing their line of full-sized statues recreating classic moments in DCU history. Supergirl's first appearance in comics is reproduced in a fully-painted cold-cast porcelain statue based on the cover to the May 1959 Action Comics #252.
Or a new Soft Toy? like the Mxyzptlk and Krypto?

order info
DC Direct: Mr. Mxyzpltlk Soft Toy
US$ 14.95
He is Back from the 5th Dimension!!!
That Pesky little imp himself. The one that just LIVES to perplex the Man of Steel.

This little pest has plagued Superman since the Golden Age of comics.
order info
Krypto Soft Toy
US$ 14.95
He's lovable and cute, and not even Crisis On Infinite Earths can keep him from your pillow! He's Krypto, the Super-Dog -- and he's the latest in a line of soft toys from DC Direct.

Let Jeff Germann know, and SupermanCollectors.com will do its best to present your ideas to "the powers that be".

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