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April 4, 2002: Superman on Trial in the Real World

In an article titled "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?", Comic World News writer Andrew Bonia takes an interesting look at Superman the character, and what he means to us in the real world... Here's an excerpt from the article:

To say that Batman killed Superman would be simplistic to be sure, but still not far off the mark. He was certainly contracted to execute him, but the trail of the 'man himself was over long before that.

While the comic industry relishes a new found high point both creatively and financially, it's first and greatest archetype still languishes at the bottom of the bargain bin. In terms of recognition, he is "second only to Jesus" (Wizard 127, p60) and the two have often been compared. He was the modern world's first super-powered hero, first costumed adventurer, first franchise and first and favorite son. Yet in terms of sales and popularity he is constantly surpassed by the legions of hero titles that have borrowed (and for all intents and purposes, often improved on) much of his formula. Who was once the standard is now a caricature; a puppet nodding and dancing for our amusement. The man of tomorrow is dead, buried in the memories of yesterday.

Oh you didn't hear he was dead did you? Of course, he had been dead, it was all over the news a few years ago, but he came back, as those in his profession tend to do if you wait long enough. However rumors of his resurrection were greatly exaggerated, and the cause of death wasn't even made public.

Surely you remember the trial then, we were all there. I regret to say that even I laughed at him quietly when they paraded him in, looking ridiculous in his tights-and-towel getup; that standard which he himself had set as the uniform for his ilk. How foolish we all were to pretend that he wasn't wearing his underwear on the outside, that he didn't oversimplify good and evil, that he was anything but a child playing at (and how dare he) being more than a man.

Read the complete article at the Comic World News website.

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