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March 29, 2001: Superman San Antonio Report

Jim Bowers has supplied the Superman Homepage with an exclusive report on his time in San Antonio for the Test Screening of the Special Edition of "Superman: The Movie"...

"The San Antonio Superman movie experience was truly amazing. I cheered at all three screenings I attended. Fellow Superman collector and friend Tim Gardner and I were given a private screening by one of the Regal theaters on Thursday night. A very special thanks goes out to their employees who treated us like royalty. They were so enthusiastic about the whole affair. We were invited up to the projection rooms and watched the team load the new trailer and print into the very impressive SDDS/DTS projector. After cranking up the sound, we all piled into the theater with free popcorn and drinks and watched in delight. Tim and I couldn't believe how lucky we were to be there.

I stand by everything I said in my screener's tape review. Superman: The Movie has been treated with great care and affection. Michael Thau and his restoration team did a remarkable job. I've never seen the film look so crystal clear and sound so fresh and exciting. Christopher Reeve looked fantastic in his familiar blue, red and yellow costume. Flesh tones were very natural, and the overall picture quality was gorgeous. The Superman/Jor-el Fortress conversation scene was particularly stunning to look at. The sounds effects, particularly during the Krypton destruction, starship launch, and drilling through the street/trial by bullets, fire and ice sequence, sounded incredible. They never drowned out the score or dialogue at any point in the film.

Attendance at the Regal and AMC theaters Tim and I visited was average at best. Most people were in their late 20's and up, many with children. Saturday night at the Regal Alamo Quarry Theater seemed to be the busiest. Audience response to the film was extremely positive. Many fans expressed their approval to us about the superb quality of the picture and sound, and reminisced about seeing the film as a child. Although attendance was not what we had hoped for, we still feel there is a good chance that Superman will have a wider release soon.

About 40 fans attended the fan get together on Saturday night. Tim and I met some great people. We watched the KCOP edit, trailers, and screen tests, ate pizza, and had a raffle of an autographed Alex Ross Peace on Earth print. Anthony Tollins, a former DC Comics employee, joined us to share his experience of meeting Christopher Reeve during his 1977 visit to the DC offices to research the character.

My hat goes off to Tim for his tireless efforts. He built a strong rapport with the theater managers and the local WB rep over many weeks prior to the release, and made every effort possible to excite people about Superman. Great work Tim! Super Special thanks to Richard Donner and Geoff Johns for their support.

Pray that this movie masterpiece comes to a theater near you. It's the very best way to experience and appreciate Superman.

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