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October 27, 2000: Superman vs Lobo Movie?

Ain't It Cool News broke a story that the long-awaited up-coming Superman movie may have taken an interesting new direction. The report told of top people at Warner Bros. giving the Superman movie a whole new treatment that abandoned the Death of Superman storyline entirely and, instead, had the Man of Steel in an all-in brawl with the Main Man himself... Lobo! Lobo's creator, comic veteran Kieth Giffen was reported to be the man behind this move.
Also, Comics2Film spoke with Giffen about the AICN report and Giffen confirmed that he did write such a treatment. Although, he denied that he was currently working on a screenplay as reported by AICN. At this stage it's just a treatment. Giffen refused to comment further as this development effort was supposed to have been a secret.

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