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August 13, 2000: Superman DVD Delayed

Warner has decided to delay the DVD release of Superman until next year. Why? Because there are so many great features going into this release, that the studio needs the extra time to pull it all together in the quality we all want to see it in. They don't want to rush it out and have it be less than we expect. So the delay is for the right reasons. And keep in mind also that the title HAS NOT been officially announced. That's a point that often gets missed these days with schedule changes for upcoming titles. There are also reports that two additional reasons as to why this disc is being bumped to 2001 - a lack of replication space and a possible theatrical re-release for the restored film. The second of these is pretty self-explanatory, but the first - a lack of replication space - is a major issue for a lot of studios these days. Scheduling time for disc replication is a serious headache right now, given that so many major titles are coming out before the end of the year. Since Superman will be a DVD-18, and WAMO (Warner Advanced Media Operations - Warner's choice for disc replication) has been swamped pressing Artisan's T2 DVD-18 run (among others), it's possible that not enough discs could have been readied for a holiday 2000 release.

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