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April 28, 2000: Superman DVD Update

An inside source has reported to me that progress on the "Superman: The Movie" DVD is going very well. The final edit will include some of the best material from the ABC-TV extended version with computer enhancements, interviews, stills archive, and more. It promises to be spectacular.

Warner Bros is going all out, releasing all four Superman titles on DVD -- with the first slated as a special edition. Superman: The Movie is reported to be a 2-disc set that will include audio commentary by director Richard Donner, a separate music-only track featuring the wonderfully beautiful score by John Williams PLUS his commentary on the film. There will be special features on the casting of Superman, screen tests, a documentary on the making of the film, theatrical trailer, TV spots, deleted scenes, audio outtakes, as well asan extensive cast and crew bio/filmography.

Warner Home Video is putting a load of money into this DVD and it will include special motion menus and scene transitions on the DVD. It will be in Widescreen and digitally mastered, both picture and sound.

Superman II will have much less. A theatrical trailer, screen tests, and deleted scenes. The other two (Superman III and IV) will be quite generic.

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