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April 19, 2000: 'Superman' Re-release Update

On Tuesday, a special Warner Bros. Chat Hour was held at the Home Theater Forum site with two representatives from WB. One of the first subjects tackled was "Superman". I can report to you that there will be a "special edition" of Superman coming to video with footage that has never been seen in any previous version. In addition, the other three films (II thru IV) will also return to video later this year or early next year. An official announcement will be forthcoming later this Spring.

As reported earlier, word from WB has confirmed that a theatrical re-release of "Superman" will happen before the end of the year in a brand-new director's cut by Richard Donner.

And the American Movie Classics cable network has assumed the pay-cable rights to "Superman" and will broadcast, for the first time on American television, a widescreen version of the original theatrical release this May. Air dates can be found on the AMC website.

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