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November 6, 1998: Tradional Superman Costume To Be Used!

There has been a flurry of news on the Superman movie front, spurred primarily by a report which appeared on Cinescape Online, a report which featured news straight from the mouth of producer Jon Peters. The highlights:
  • A new script has been written by screenwriter Dan Gilroy (credits include Outbreak and Freejack), and Peters is happy with this new script.
  • Peters reports that Tim Burton is no longer attached to the project, and several directors are under consideration for his replacement.
  • With the new script, the budget has also been trimmed, and the movie is expected to be made for between 90 and 100 million dollars.
  • Nicolas Cage is still Peters' first choice to play Superman.
  • Shooting could begin next summer for a July 4, 2000, release date.

A week after this report, Cinescape offered a follow-up response from a Warner Brothers source who offered, "The comments were the speculation of a producer based on an enthusiastic reaction to a new script that everybody likes but agrees still needs work." This source also indicated that Burton was not necessarily off the project, that talks were ongoing with everyone previously involved with the project, but that no decisions had been made. However, the source did state unequivocally that, "...this movie will be made."
On the rumor front, Ain't It Cool News reports (via a contact a Warner Brothers) that the new script is better than the drafts received since Kevin Smith's exit, though he believed that Smith's script was better than the Gilroy script. He also added that several directors have been approached, including Brett Ratner, director of the recent Jackie Chan/Chris Tucker smash-hit, Rush Hour. They also confirm that the traditional Superman costume is set to be used.

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