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October 21, 1998: Plot for “Superman Lives”?

A day after placing the information below (dated October 20) I received the following information from a source who wished to remain anonymous:
Your info is vastly out of date. Since Kevins Smith was dropped, there is a new script, written by Dan Gilroy. Latest revision 9/20/98. [We knew and reported on Kevin Smith's situation back in October 1997, so I don't see how my information is "vastly" out of date - SY]
Plot: We watch Superman's origin, as he escapes Krypton in the wake of its destruction at the hands of BRAINIAC, a creation of Jor-El. As the infant Superman rockets into space, Brainiac promises to track him down. Cut to the present: Lex Luthor's company discovers evidence of an alien space craft which crashed here 30 years ago... in Smallville. Lois is about to discover that Clark was raised on the farm where the spaceship landed, and he reveals his secret identity to her. Brainiac arrives on Earth, along with the genetic freak DOOMSDAY. Brainiac takes over Lex Luthor's body, becoming LEXIAC, a super-smart alien bent on Superman's destruction with the resources of a multi-national corporation at his disposal. After luring Superman to the Lexcorp Tower, Doomsday and Supes go at it. After a protracted battle, Superman is triumphant... but dies in Lois' arms. The world mourns. (The BATMAN cameo that was here in the Kevin Smith version has disappeared, squelching all rumors that Michael Keaton might once again don cape and cowel.) As Lexiac takes over the world's nuclear weapons (and tries to seduce Lois), Superman is ressurected by "K", the still-living embodiment of his mother and father. Initially without any of his powers, Superman reclaims them through the force of his own will. A final battle ensues, and Superman stops Lexiac with one second left on the nuclear clock. He saves the world, and Lois... who is revealed to be bearing his child. [Puh-lease! A baby! - SY]
The new script is cheesy, full of brilliant jingoistic imagery... all the magic that made the first movies so good to begin with. The characters are relatively well-developed, but the finale is a bit rushed. Maybe they'll expand it with another revision...

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