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October 20, 1998: Brett Ratner to Direct Superman Movie?

With word of a renewed vigor in the production of "Superman Reborn/Superman Lives" comes the inevitable flurry of stories and rumors about this Warner Bros. movie. Let's get right into the nitty gritty:
Ain't It Cool News has a report from a spy that has heard feedback on the movie from insiders at Warner. According to the spy, the current script that supposedly has the project moving forward again is "better than some" of the scripts turned in after Kevin (Chasing Amy) Smith's but not as good as Smith's. The spy also reported that Brett Ratner (Rush Hour) is one of the directors in talks to helm the movie. The Batman cameo that was in previous scripts is gone, as is any other super-hero appearance. The spy also claims the new story "begins like gangbusters and ends like molasses". Also appearing on the AICN website are a couple of graphics of concept art from the movie. One features the Brainiac ship. Another has Superman, garbed in a black Kryptonian suit, rescuing Lois: both on board the ship. However, the comments that accompany the illustration say that the Brainiac ship does not appear in the new script.

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