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April 29, 1998: Kevin Smith Slams Jon Peters

Oddly enough, just days prior to announcing the most recent production delay, another Warner Brothers press release hyped the selection of Pittsburgh to portray the city of Metropolis, including the transformation of the city's City-County building into the Daily Planet.

In the May/June issue of Cinescape, Kevin Smith speaks out about his experience with writing a script for producer Jon Peters. In the article, Smith relates several weird ideas that Peters had for the film, including wanting Brainiac's robot assistant to be a "gay R2-D2". Peters also wanted Brainiac to give Luthor a space dog which wouldn't get along with Lex. His reasoning was that the movie needed a Chewie (Star Wars again) because, "Chewie's cuddly, man, you could make a toy out of him." Go figure!

In the weeks prior to the delay announcement, Nicolas Cage made several appearances on morning and late night talk shows, in which he made a point of explaining his support for the traditional Superman costume... almost. As his story went, he wanted to wear the traditional Red, Yellow, and Blue, but he wanted to lose the red trunks. However, when he showed the costume design to his seven-year-old son, the boy set his father straight, explaining that the red trunks were a must. Shortly thereafter, the trunks found their way back into the costume.

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