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March 4, 1998: Kevin Spacey and Courtney Cox in “Superman Lives”?

Concrete news on Superman Lives! is still elusive, but Ain't It Cool News reports that the film is officially a go, and that we should expect official press releases and casting announcements to begin hitting the news before long.
AICN is also reporting that Barry Corbin (Northern Exposure, War Games) has expressed an interest in playing Perry White, and that the casting powers may give him that role.
More casting news from AICN reports that Chris Rock has signed to play Jimmy Olsen, and that Kevin Spacey has signed on to play Brainiac. In fact, they report that he will play both Brainiac *and* Luthor, in a dual role. (This could actually lead credence to the rumors of Brainiac as a robot -- Spacey could voice the character -- and the merging of Brainiac and Luthor as "Luthiac", which I'm told is somewhat similar to the occurrence in "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?")
Courtney Cox is now apparently unavailable for the role of Lois Lane as she will be busy with either Scream 3 or Friends when the Superman movie begins filming.
Michael Keaton confirmed his involvement with "Superman Lives" in an MTV interview. When asked if he would be reprising his role as Batman, he would only reply, "Not exactly."
Finally, Corona's Coming Attractions reports that Ron Bass (My Best Friend's Wedding) has been hired to write a new script because Burton's screenplay was not well received. I wonder if WB regrets canning Kevin Smith yet?

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