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October 14, 1997: Polar Bears in the Fortress of Solitude?

The newest Superman movie is having a tough time getting off the ground. Some skeptics are already slamming the production and the decision to cast Nicolas Cage as the Man of Steel.
Kevin Smith, the writer behind "Chasing Amy" and "Clerks", wrote a screenplay for the movie based on 1992's "Death of Superman" comic book.
In the May 16 edition of Entertainment Weekly, Smith says Cage would be a fine Superman and "his hairline can be fixed."
But Smith won't have much to say in casting the rest of the movie. When Tim Burton, who directed the first "Batman" film, was hired as director, he trashed Smith's script and hired Wesley Strick, who wrote "The Saint".

There have been rumours of some kind of scene involving Brainiac fighting Polar Bears at the Fortress of Solitude!! Kevin Smith recently clarified this fiasco. Producer Jon Peters wanted Brainiac to have to fight his wany into the Fortress of Solitude, and suggested a tussle with Polar Bears since no humans ven know the Fortress exists. Who's he kidding?!!?

Kevin Smith also confirmed that he was taken off the project, but that his contract ended after he delivered the second draft of his script anyway.
It is reported that Kevin Smith phoned in to Howard Stern on June 24th to talk about Superman Lives; he mentioned in the phone call that he had heard that the new script was very strongly based on his storyline, but without any of his dialogue. In unrelated but equally interesting news, Smith is talking with DC about writing something for them, although no one's saying what yet...

In other news, Corona's Coming Attractions web site reports that Rick Heinrichs, a long time Tim Burton collaborator, has been hired as Production Designer for the film. Heinrichs' credits include production designer for Fargo, art director for Batman Returns, and set designer for The Fisher King and Edward ScissorHands.

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