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September 16, 1997: News From Inside “Superman Lives”

Many sources have picked up on the circulating rumour that filming for the movie will happen in Pittsburgh, however it has NOT been confirmed. That city's cathedral-like skyscraper, which is being used as the Lexcorp building, is likely to feature in external shots only. It is likely that all the interiors of Lexcorp will be on Hollywood Sound Stages.
The following pre-production information has been reported by the internal WB contact of Megadeth DC (who's spy network for this movie is comparable to Harry K's for the Star Wars Prequels):

The Title: It seems the final title for the movie has not been selected, and for now its simply called "Superman".
The Supersuits: The costume design concepts apparently look far better than they sound. Each suit has a large silver 'S' on the chest, and 'Batman-style' boots which are detailed & ribbed for traction. Superman's hair in the drawings varied between short & long, so who knows what kind of hairpiece Cage will need.
Uniform #1: A "funky all-black, alien-looking" supersuit, used when Kal-El first decides to fight crime (before his death). This one is described as a cool cross between: "Edward Scissorhands" - the first "Batman" suit - and a Borg from "Star Trek".
Uniform #2: The 'healing' suit is entirely metallic silver, extremely detailed, and makes the musculature & tendons of the human body look robotic.
Uniform #3: Once his superpowers are restored, Superman dons his final costume (which will be used in future movies). This one is totally dark blue (no yellow or red), a large silver 'S', and a blood-red cape.
The Sets:
Lexcorp: Lex's office is a complex design of arches. Best described as a "sort of forced-perspective to give it a disorienting look".
The Daily Planet: Unlike the busy cramped newsrooms of the previous films, the new offices will look like they belong in a museum with curved ceilings and large columns.
Other Sets: Besides these two, other sets this spy spotted included:
"The Metropolis Toxic Waste System" in which Supes battles a kind of monster ('Doomsday'?), the "Skull Ship" interior, and of course the memorial building with a sculpture of Superman on top.
Brainiac: It's confirmed that this villain will slightly resemble the aliens in "Mars Attacks!". Plus that there will be a 'spacepod' for 'Brainiac', with a cockpit that looks very much like a TIE fighter.
'K': This intricately detailed metallic orb (which Jack Nicholson is likely to voice), is the multi-purpose computer that will help Superman the way Alfred helps Batman. The designs were static, but this orb is likely to move about and change shape throughout the movie.

[Personally, I don't see anything promising in any of the above rumours. :( - SY]

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