New Warner Bros. Discovery CEO Hopefully Looking at Superman

Discovery recently closed its $43 billion deal for WarnerMedia, creating the newly labeled Warner Bros. Discovery.

David Zaslav, CEO of the new entity, has, according to Variety, set his sights on making the most of the DC Entertainment side of the business.

Discovery insiders believe that although DC has achieved cinematic success with recent films such as “Aquaman” and “The Batman,” it lacks a coherent creative and brand strategy. Discovery believes that several top-shelf characters such as Superman have been left to languish and need to be revitalized.

Hopefully this means that Warner Bros. will now put a spotlight back on the Man of Steel moving forward.

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April 15, 2022 7:51 am

It’s bizarre that DC can’t figure out a way to bring a hopeful, optimistic version of Superman to the screen. Stop trying to reinvent him and just give us a good Superman story. And pick a villain other than Luthor.

April 18, 2022 4:57 am
Reply to  Loganswalk

Well said, Loganswalk. Well said indeed. I wholeheartedly agree with your viewpoint.

April 15, 2022 1:56 pm

So… Superman by corporate committee?! We need more of that!! When it comes to Superman in film and television, it boils down to what Richard Donner once called reintroducing the audience to an old friend. And I would argue that every successful take, which had any pop culture staying power, did that. That doesn’t mean telling the same stories over and over again (I hope that one of these days they do a feature film that gets Evil Businessman Luthor right, and let us never speak of Jesse Eisenberg again), but it does mean getting the character that everybody knows… Read more »

April 15, 2022 9:37 pm
Reply to  afriend

I really hope that we get a Brandon Routh HBO max series. If we do, I hope it will be a series that goes up to at least 7 or 8 seasons. I would really love 10 seasons. (I know, I’m greedy.) Maybe start with an adaption of the Kingdom Come series, then a follow up with an adaption of The Kingdom where Kingdom Come Superman (Brandon Routh) helps Henry Cavill’s Superman to battle Magog , and then concluding the series with an adaptation of Justice Society of America They Kingdom Come. And then give Brandon a stand alone Superman… Read more »

April 15, 2022 10:28 pm
Reply to  Superman2878

Oops! I meant to say Kingdom Come Superman vs Darkside. And I also meant to say a final movie of Routh’s Superman vs SuperLex. Lex being insane with the powers of Darkside, wears a powers suit of armor with Superman’s insignia on it and starts calling himself “Superman”.

April 15, 2022 11:22 pm
Reply to  Superman2878

And I almost forgot, throughout the series and movies Superman would always have the friendliness quality about him. Smiles to those he helps. A nice and good guy. As Christopher Reeve said as Superman “A friend”. 🙂 And for Routh’s Superman’s finale, he would be reunited with his wife Lois, having been brought back to life after the convergence event. The result of saving his universe would mean a rewrite in his own history, where Superman managed to stop and prevent the Joker from his attack on the Daily Planet. That’s just how I’d make a conclusion to a Superman… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by Superman2878
April 16, 2022 12:25 am
Reply to  Superman2878

I hope you get it, amigo.

April 16, 2022 2:13 am
Reply to  afriend

Let’s hope so buddy. If I know one thing, as long as fans keep talking about the possibility of Routh coming back and as long as Routh is still interested, there’s a chance. 🙂

April 15, 2022 8:50 pm

We can only hope that whoever Zaslav hires, she or he has the vision and affinity for DC characters, particularly Superman, to bring us an award-worthy, spectacular, box-office smashing Superman movie. We fans have waited way too long for another stand-alone Superman movie (it has been nine years since Man of Steel) and the new executive must prioritize Superman for the big screen. Is it too optimistic to expect a release in 2025?

April 17, 2022 1:48 am

I really hope Zaslav gets rid of Hamada and JJ abrams. When I heard the rumors about what hamada has in store for superman in the flash movie via zod, I lost what little faith I had in wb. (Which was barely any) It’s amazing that they hate Snyder so much that they would cut their nose off to spite their face. And using a bait and switch with Michael Keaton is such a dirty move in my opinion. They want to do everything BUT make a true to form superman when the formula has proven successful on both superman… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by sundevil82
April 18, 2022 11:11 am
Reply to  sundevil82

Couldn’t agree more. It’s quite astounding how incompetent the higher ups at wb have shown themselves to be regarding Superman imo.