New Superman Short Fan Film – “For Tomorrow”

In February 2016 we reported on the release of a new French fan film titled “Man of Tomorrow”, which was based on “Superman: Earth One” by J. Michael Straczynski.

Now, in October 2017 the same filmmakers are back with an 8 minute short film titled “The Awakening” featuring the Joker. The film starts with a TV debate between Lex Luthor and Emil Hamilton:

Additionally, their sequel to the “Man of Tomorrow” short was also posted online. Titled “For Tomorrow”, in this short fan film many years have passed since the events of “Man of Tomorrow” and “The Awakening”. Superman no longer exists and only his legend persists. As meta-humans gradually disappear, an anti-hero emerges from the shadows.

This 7 minute short is a prologue to their next two shorts, which are currently in pre-production: “The Hellblazer” (aConstantine solo film) and “Solitude” their second Superman film.

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