New “Supergirl” Image From IGN

IGN this morning released an exclusive still of the forthcoming Supergirl season, seen above, giving another look at Kara’s new suit.

After speaking to the showrunners, a few newish tidbits came forward about the season yet to come, furthering the idea of the Black Mirror styled theme:

“We always want the show to reflect back on the real world and tell stories that can relate to that,” said Rovner. “We talk about this season as our Black Mirror season. We’re really looking at the role of technology in our lives and how people can use technology to escape what’s going on in their real lives instead of engaging with those aspects of their lives, and how our villains can take advantage of that.”

For the full article, and another look into the season to come, click through to IGN.

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September 6, 2019 11:13 pm

It really stinks for us Superman fans that we are relegated to looking at images of the lame Supergirl show, outside of the three Lex Luthor episodes, and her terrible new costume. Warner Brothers has rights to the most popular super hero on the planet – there are tons more people wearing Superman “S” shirts than any other super hero, and that includes Batman and any other Marvel hero!!!! WB apparently does not know what they are doing. They should bag proposed Supergirl and Flash movies, because they are still producing numerous episodes on TV featuring those same characters in… Read more »