New Middle Grade Graphic Novel “Metropolis Grove”

Metropolis Grove

DC has announced a new Superman middle grade graphic novel coming in 2021 titled “Metropolis Grove”.

The big city is full of Superman sightings, but here in Metropolis Grove? Every kid in this suburb knows that he’s not real… except newcomer Sonia Patel, who convinces her friends Duncan and Alex to believe! When the trio discover a mysterious cave full of Super-memorabilia, they can’t keep it to themselves, and that sets off a school year full of drama and adventure and more than a few opportunities for a newfound friendship to test its limits. And when they finally figure out the resident of the cave is Bizarro, things get even more out of control!

Written, Illustrated and lettered by Drew Brockington with colors by Wendy Broom, “Metropolis Grove” will go on sale everywhere books are sold on May 4, 2021, and will retail for US$9.99.

Geared toward readers ages 9-12, DC’s middle grade graphic novels introduce DC’s most iconic Super Heroes to a new generation of fans with stories told by some of the most successful authors from the middle grade publishing space. The middle grade titles are standalone stories, not part of DC’s ongoing continuity, and completely accessible to new readers who have no previous knowledge of DC characters.

Pre-order “Metropolis Grove” from Barnes & Noble for its release in May 2021.