New Lois Lane/Joker Fan Film “Defiance” Kickstarter

Hugues Puyau’s DC Shorts has started a Kickstarter page to fund the production of his new fan film titled “Defiance”.

“We are making a new short-film in the continuity that started with my “Man of Tomorrow” movie,” the French filmmaker explains to the Superman Homepage. “This film is our sixt entry on the DC Universe and will confront for the first time in a live adaptation the Joker vs. Lois Lane!
The film will speak about very modern themes like fake news, mass social media and cyber-manipulation.”

The cast from Hugues’ recent Joker movie “The Awakening” are all returning, as is famous French actress/model Dorcas Coppin, who previously played Lois Lane in the short film “For Tomorrow”.

Visit the Kickstarter page for “Defiance” for further details and concept art.