New “DC Super Hero Girls” Animated Series Isn’t Just for Girls

In a new interview Executive Producer Lauren Faust discusses what makes the upcoming new “DC Super Hero Girls” Animated Series different, and the potential power of the show to inspire children… both girls and boys.

“I think far too often when people make stuff for girls, it’s less about inspiring them, less about entertaining them and less about reflecting their own experiences back to them. All too often, it’s about telling them how we expect them to behave, and I hate that. I don’t want to do that. So, what we’re doing with our show is we’re trying to reflect their experiences back to them, but in a super lens.

A lot of shows about teenage superheroes usually start with the usual teenage plot – who’s the bad guy, what’s the bad guy doing, and how do we save the day – and then they put a teenage spin on it. We’re going to have stories like that, but the bulk of our stories are the opposite. What is something that a teenager goes through… and how can we reflect those feelings and experiences and emotions through a super lens? Like dealing with something that kids might deal with today.

We have an episode featuring Livewire that’s about online gossiping. It’s a big superhero fight, but underneath it all, it’s about being embarrassed about what’s somebody saying about you online. A lot of our stories are a little bit more like that… It’s more about she’s embarrassing us, and how are we going to deal with this?

We’re not just trying to do this in a super way. We’re also trying to do this in a funny way. So, we’re bringing humor, heart and heroics all mixed up in one big package.”


The first “DC Super Hero Girls” short premieres before “Teen Titans Go! To the Movies” in theaters today, and will then premiere on Cartoon Network in the near future.

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July 27, 2018 1:44 pm

I liked the previous design for these characters better. Is this a reboot of the show? If it is, I feel like they did a poor job on redesigning these characters. Especially Supergirl and Wonder Woman. I liked how they looked in the previous cartoon.