Returns vs Lives vs Reborn

By Steve Younis

While it's been my experience that the majority of Superman fans have nothing but good things to say about their expectations of "Superman Returns" from the information and photos they've seen so far, there will always be a minority of fans who are vocal in their disapproval.

It's interesting to read disparaging comments about "Superman Returns" from those fans who don't like the Superman costume being used or who hated the "S" logo designed for the film. Little do they know how close we came to getting something HUGELY different from what "Superman Returns" offers us.

Past attempts at reviving the Superman movie franchise include "Superman Lives" and "Superman Reborn".

Superman Costume

Shown below are three artistic representations of Superman costumes. On the left we have the now familiar "Superman Returns" costume. The other two designs are what we could have had in "Superman Lives" and "Superman Reborn" had those movies been allowed to continue.

Movie Costumes Compared

Can anyone seriously tell me that the "Superman Returns" costume is not the best of the three designs?

Superman Logo

Shown below are three "S" shield designs. The one on the left is the one being used for "Superman Returns". The other two designs are from the unsuccessful "Superman Lives" and "Superman Reborn" projects.

Movie Logos Compared

Again, I seriously doubt any honest Superman fan could say that the other two designs are better than the "Superman Returns" one.

Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion... and don't get me wrong, I'm by no means saying that the designs (costume and logo) for "Superman Returns" are perfect. Not at all. There are certain aspects to both that I would personally change, but having seen what we could have had, I'm thankful we've ended up with what we've got.