Exclusive Interview with Brandon Routh

Six U.K. based Superman fans were chosen by Warner Bros. to submit questions to various cast and crew on "Superman Returns". Most of those chosen are Superman Homepage members, and we're pleased to present their exclusive interview with Brandon Routh.

Look for more exclusive interviews with Dan Harris and Mike Dougherty (Writers), and Louise Mingenbach (Costume Designer) in the next few days.

Brandon Q: How do you feel with knowledge that you're now a part of history? You must have a great sense of pride with the knowledge that you're carrying forward the Superman legacy.

Brandon: It's a great honor to join the Superman legacy. This is a character that people all over the world know and love and everyone who has been a part of the legacy will go down in history. I'm very proud to be able to bring such a positive character to younger generations and further enrich steadfast fans love and excitement for Superman.

Q: "Superman Returns" seems to delve deeper into the real person behind the tights - Kal-El. He seems to have flaws and misgivings, which as a result gives the character greater emotional resonance. Would you agree with this, and do you think this makes for a stronger understanding of Superman as a character?

Brandon Brandon: Well, I wouldn't say that the film highlights Kal-El's flaws, but it does highlight his naivette. He is not well versed in the ways of love and so there are some stumbling blocks. His journey in this realm results in more emotional resonance. Audiences will see him deal with emotions they've felt and they get to watch him mature. As we want to be like Superman, he wants to be like us!

Q: Which of Superman's powers would you most like to have and why?

Brandon: Flight. It would be awesome to be able to be anywhere I want, and if I'm strong enough I can take someone with me!

Q: What have you learned about yourself while playing this character?

Brandon: Well, this experience shone an even brighter light on the importance of being a kind, gentle, thoughtful, non-judgmental person. It has such an amazing impact on the world.

Brandon Q: Christopher Reeve was very choosy about which films to star in; do you feel you have a responsibility to choose film projects which do not hurt your Superman image?

Brandon: I do feel a responsibility to always keep the image of Superman as it should be. This includes future films. But in truth, I am an actor at heart, so I also don't want to limit myself.

Q: How does it feel to portray a journalist like Clark Kent and then be on the opposing side being grilled by journalists, all to do with "Superman Returns"?

Brandon: Hah, well, I don't do too much actual reporting in the movie, but I know that being relaxed when answering questions is the best approach for me. That way people who want to trip me up or get under my skin won't have the upper hand.

Brandon Q: Has it sunk in yet? That in two months time the rest of the general public and not just us super-nerd fans will know you as 'Superman'? (Am really excited for you!)

Brandon: Well, there are a lot of 'super-nerd' fans! Which is awesome, cause I can be very nerdy, so don't sell yourself short on the fan base. But yes I've thought about it for sure. There is no real way to conceive of how big it could be. I aim to take it in stride and have a good time.

Q: If you were in Lois' shoes would you be angry at Superman for leaving, and could you forgive him?

Brandon: Hah, YES. Just because you don't know the right words to say doesn't mean you shouldn't tell someone you are leaving. It's always best to communicate when heavy emotions are involved.

Q: As an actor playing Clark/Superman, is there any new challenge or scenario you think could be interesting to see Clark/Superman face?

Brandon Brandon: Maybe Superman being a teacher? And by that I mean for him to really speak to people and impart his philosophy on life to the masses rather than just by saving things.

Q: Publicity photos have shown that you're a virtual carbon copy of the young Chris Reeve when dressed as Clark Kent, will your portrayal of Clark be similar to Reeve's awkward nerd approach, or have you incorporated any characteristics of any of the other 'Clarks'?

Brandon: I think Clark is inherently what society would label 'nerdy'. But I don't play him that way. Any awkwardness or goofiness really comes out of his pure joy and excitement at being around Lois and other people.

Who are the six UK Superfans?

'Dharmesh'. Founder and Chief, Superman Cinema (UK-based site), based in Birmingham.

Dawn Jones. UK-based moderator for Superman Homepage, highly active member of Devoted to Smallville, Devoted Fans Network and other Superman sites, based in Central London.

Robert O'Connor. Highly active UK member of Superman Homepage, imdb, lcfanfic (Lois and Clark Fan Ficton) and other Superman sites, the youngest of the crew at 16 and based in Dublin.

Matt Fisher. Highly active UK member of Superman Homepage, Channel 4 forums and imdb, based in Birmingham.

Alistair Corbett. Highly active member of Empire Online, particularly in the Superman forums, based in South Wales.

Luke Barnard. Highly active member of Total Film forums and a regular poster on all things Superman, based in Reading.