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"DC League of Super-Pets" Spoiler Free Review

By Billie Taylor

"DC League of Super-Pets" was a fun movie for the entire family! Especially for fans of Superman and Superman related stories.

The story begins by immediately tugging at the viewers' heart strings, followed by non-stop laughs throughout the rest of the movie. The movie had plenty of humor for the adults, but remained appropriate for kids. The animation was great, and tonally fit the vibe of the movie.

The voice actors did a wonderful job at portraying their respective characters. John Krasinski was an amazing Superman/Clark Kent, and I wouldn't mind seeing further stories with his Superman involved. Keanu Reeves gave a hilarious take on the Dark Knight. The lead roles of Krypto and Ace, voiced by Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, were executed in their usual dynamic fashion. The supporting characters were performed great as well!

My children, ranging from ages 3 to 11, all completely enjoyed the movie, and left the theater saying that they hope there will be more movies featuring Krypto and Ace.

If you are a Superman fan, or a fan of any number of the members of the Justice League, you will enjoy all of the nods to previous movies and comic book stories. If you are looking for something fun to watch that the entire family would enjoy, I would absolutely 100% recommend "DC League of Super-Pets".