Mild Mannered Reviews – Trinity #21

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Trinity #21

Scheduled to arrive in stores: April 11, 2018

Cover date: May 2018

“The Search for Steve Trevor” – Part 2

Writer: James Robinson
Artists: Patch Zircher
Cover: Guillem March and Tomeu Morey
Variant Cover: Bill Sienkiewicz

Reviewed by: Adam Dechanel

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Trinity #21

Batman recalls an early mission against the Monster Men and how he subdued them as the beastial forces of Deimos attack the Trinity.

Knowing they’re up against humans from the Blue Strike security group and Steve Trevor makes it hard for the heroes to fight back. Using Batman’s drug pellets they incapacitate their foes and resume their hunt for the evil sorcerer.

After a series of flashbacks to Warlord’s world the heroes realize they need to combine their abilities to battle Deimos and break his spell.

The heroes discover a strange sanctum of mystical objects and a startling magical revelation that reveals how out of their depth they really are. Is Deimos the foe that will be the death of them?

To Be Continued…

5Story – 5: For many this issue would be classed as filler. Not much in the way of development happens in their quest, at least on the action front. The issue instead concentrates once more on exploring the heroes on a more psychological level. It was fun to see the call backs to Batman’s past and Warlord himself advising the team but there was a tinge of disappointment in me that Superman was reduced to being the muscle. This may be a Wonder Woman arc but having Clark just punch things and weakened by magic was a disappointment. As a full story arc this is not too much of a problem, each heroes usually takes a turn in the spotlight so I know Superman will get his moment.

One thing I am enjoying is the depth of the storyline and I feel that it shouldn’t have been split into two arcs.

5Art – 5: Patch Zircher’s art is nothing short of spectacular. He has a flair for the dynamic and, like the story, the art has many layers, perspective and depth. Travis, Tara and Jennifer look great with their new looks, mixing elements of their past iterations for Rebirth. Clark, Diana and Bruce look great and despite the fact there were no big action sequences the art chores were not delivered in half measures.

4Cover Art – 4: I really like this action scene, my problem is that as amazing as they look, the Ogre Lords are not even featured in a single panel. The beasts would have made more sense to match the narrative. It was a shame the scene evoked Skartaris and Deimos but still didn’t happen.

It is always great to see the Trinity in action together and to that end, March and Morey deserve a shout out for a brilliant cover.

4Variant Cover Art – 4: I really like this Wonder Woman showcase cover, after the Batman one, I like this all the more after continuing the theme.

With Batman’s ‘blood’ palette and this ‘light’ palette I wonder what Superman’s will be? Blue, maybe? The ‘fog’ masking the bottom of the cover is somewhat of a master stroke as it really adds to the atmosphere. There is a mix of determination and peril here that makes me want to see what happens next and that is the mark of really well realized cover art.

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