Mild Mannered Reviews – Superwoman #16

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Superwoman #16

Scheduled to arrive in stores: November 8, 2017

Cover date: January 2018

“The Midnight Hour” – Part Two

Writer: K. Perkins
Penciller: Stephen Segovia
Inker: Art Thibert
Cover: Ken Lashley
Variant Cover: Emanuella Lupacchino

Reviewed by: Glen J. Clark

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Superwoman #16

Lois collapses inside Steelworks, her body engulfed in electricity. She is mumbling about Steel and every other word is spoken in binary, making it difficult for Lana and the others to understand her. “She took him, Midnight… She took him,” Lois manages to say.

Inside the Void, Steel is bound, he can’t move, he can’t speak, but his captor can hear his thoughts. Steel learns that he is bait for the true target… Lana Lang. Midnight needs her to complete her Master’s directive.

Nat and Traci try to track down where John might be, since Lois is speaking partially in binary, they look in every computer across the city. Using patterns of the same binary code, they see videos of the black holes that have been opening up across the city. They also discover who exactly is behind all of this…. Lena Luthor.

Right outside Steelworks, more black holes start appearing. Multiple, bigger, stronger black holes. Warping reality and threatening to collapse reality into itself. Lana jumps through one of the black holes and comes face to face with Midnight. Midnight informs Lana that she was created when Superwoman impressed Lena back in Superwoman #7. Midnight asks Lana what kind of hero creates evil. Lana begins to question who she is as Midnight says, “There is nowhere left to go Superwoman. Submit.”

2Story – 2: This book has lost its focus. It read much better as a Superhero cop drama, but we have not seen that in a few months now. With only 2 issues left in this series I am curious to see how it ends up. The ending, with Lana questioning if she is a hero or a villain was almost enough to bump this up to 3 shields, however this story so far has not really done much for me. Now if the series ends up with Superwoman being a new villain in the DC Universe, my overall feelings on this final arc could swing to a more positive review.

5Art – 5: I am glad to see Segovia back on the title after a month off. I really hope he sticks around on a Super title when this series is over as I am a big fan of his art.

4Cover Art – 4: Not a bad cover by any means, I don’t understand why the Daily Planet is in the picture when they are nowhere near it. The different color blues offset Superwoman’s red costume nicely.

3Variant Cover Art – 3: I am usually a big fan of Lupacchino’s art but this cover was just way too busy for me. Superwoman looked okay, but Midnight looked off, way off. My local comic shop had both covers, and normally I would go for Emanuela Lupacchino work, but this time I surprised myself and went with the main cover.

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