Mild Mannered Reviews – Superman: Man of Tomorrow #8


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Superman: Man of Tomorrow #8

Scheduled to arrive in stores: June 22, 2020
Cover date: June 2020

“The Obituary”

Writer: Van Jensen
Penciller: Nick Robles
Inker: Nick Robles

Reviewed by: Craig Boehmer

On a slow news day Clark is writing obituaries for The Guardian, Black Lightning, and Superman. He struggles with the morbidity of the assignment. Jimmy imagines possible deaths for the Guardian and Black Lightning, but quickly flees when he hears Perry call his name. Perry and Clark talk about his progress on the obituaries and imagines how Superman may die. Clark begins writing about his life as Clark and as Superman. He is interrupted by a fire alarm and races off.

3Story – 3: More of a character analysis. Provides interesting glimpses into possible deaths of characters but doesn’t tell much of a story. Clark’s own reflection on his life and experiences was fun to read, but overall, the story didn’t really cover much.

4Art – 4: Nick Robles provided strong art. It made the story nice to look at, even if he wasn’t given much to do. The final splash looks fantastic. I would like to see a story where Nick Robles can really stretch his artistic talent and showcase the power of the Man of Steel and his world.


Writer: Van Jensen
Penciller: Andie Tong
Inker: Andie Tong

Clark attends a press conference where tabloid owner, Alex Ewell announces he is running for mayor. Ewell calls out Clark Kent as a jealous liar during the press conference. Clark notices some of Ewell’s associates are secretly carrying heavy weaponry. Using Batman’s database in the Hall of Justice, Superman discovers Ewell and his associates are linked to bombings. He quickly follows the associates to a train station. The men try to apprehend Clark, but he quickly disposes of them and changes into Superman. He has tracked two bags on two separate trains, only one of them is ticking. Superman grabs the non-ticking bag and as he flies it skyward it explodes. The thug he grabbed with it explains that Ewell is working for Markovian and was going to use the staged terrorist attack to fuel his campaign. Superman races back to the Daily Planet to get the story typed up in time for that day’s paper.

4Story – 4: This story was interesting and fun. Seeing Clark dispatch the henchmen without revealing who he was, was fun. The ticking diversion was an interesting take, but let’s be real…Superman could fly to both before the bomb blew up.

4Art – 4: Andie Tong turns in some good art for this short story. The style matches well with Roble’s from the previous story to create a fairly seamless transition.