Mild Mannered Reviews – Superman: Man of Tomorrow #7

Superman: Man of Tomorrow #7

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Superman: Man of Tomorrow #7

Scheduled to arrive in stores: June 15, 2020
Cover date: June 2020


Writer: Dave Wielgosz
Penciller: Miguel Mendonca
Inker: Miguel Mendonca

Reviewed by: Craig Boehmer

A new superhero, Soar, is shown on “Viewtube” taking down the Royal Flush Gang. After Perry watches the conflict Jimmy resigns from the Daily Planet citing a lack of upward mobility in the company as the reason for leaving. He reveals that Soar has offered him a job as the primary photographer for Soar’s media campaign. Clark is worried about Jimmy’s choice and approaches him as Superman. Jimmy tells Superman everything will be ok. Jimmy photographs Soar taking down many different supervillains including Killer Moth and Firefly. As Soar is privately bragging about his success to Jimmy, Jimmy shows him the behind the scenes photos he has been taking. It turns out that Soar had been paying villains from outside of Metropolis to come and fight him, and then paying their lawyer fees. Superman arrives to back Jimmy up in case Soar gets violent. The final pages are of Jimmy returning to the Daily Planet staff with the story and earning Perry’s respect.

4Story – 4: This is a cute, simple Jimmy Olsen story. I like Jimmy, I liked him a bit better at the beginning of the New 52 when he and Clark were the same age. I thought it was a good idea for that version of Superman to have a buddy his own age to spend his downtime with. For this version of Superman, I like Jimmy as the younger guy trying to earn the respect of the older reporters and editors. I love the “Superman’s pal” aspect of Jimmy’s character and would really enjoy a few mainstream story arcs that showed that emphasized that friendship. The Soar character is interesting, he would be a good character to be in a team book. Either on a villain team or a heroic team. His “redemption” on a heroic team could be a nice story arc. Obviously with how short this story is, he is not a very fleshed out character. His limited appearance here would give another writer a lot of freedom to shape him. Most likely he will be another in a long list of one and done characters.

4Art – 4: I like the design of Soar, its simple. Superman looks great. I like the slight cell shading that is used by the colorists.

“The Wrath of Wioska”

Writer: Dave Wielgosz
Penciller: Yasmine Putri
Inker: Yasmine Putri

After defeating Mongul, again, Superman views the destruction from his battle. He notes that his adversaries are becoming more powerful and decides that he needs to learn how to be a more strategic fighter. He travels across the galaxy to find Wioska, the warrior that trained Granny Goodness and others of Apokolips. Wioska is living in isolation and peace, mourning her past violent life. Superman convinces her to train him, and she begins by stripping his powers. After many days of training, Superman is progressing slowly. This prompts Wioska to attack the peaceful inhabitants of the planet. Superman goes into a rage to defend the people. After the fight Superman confronts Wioska about whether or not she would have actually hurt the people. Wioska confirms she would have healed all that were hurt. She tells Superman that he needs to stop fearing his power, he is virtuous so his power will always be good.

3Story – 3: I’ve never heard of Wioska before, I don’t know if she is a deep dive character or brand new for this story. I like the effort this story makes to show Superman learning how to fight properly rather than rely on his power. Forcing Superman to process the damage his fights cause and trying to find a solution rings true for his character. Something I don’t quite agree with though is him seeking out Wioska. With all of the martial arts masters he is close to on earth, it would make more sense for him to seek them out. Also, because of Superman’s superspeed wouldn’t he be able to master most martial arts in a day or two. This is a bit of a critique on both Superman and the Flash. Theoretically because of their superspeed they should be the most skilled fighters in the world. That critique aside, the story was fine but forgettable.

4Art – 4: The alien planet is cool looking and the fight between Wioska and Superman has a distinct Dragon Ball Z vibe to it. Especially with Wioska’s energy beams and the portrayal of Superman’s superspeed. Good art all around.

4Cover Art – 4: This cover has a great view of Superman descending from the sky. The reflections look nice, but his facial emotions don’t match the pose. Also, the reflections give his core a very two dimensional look. But the pose is great, and the colours are vibrant.

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