Mild Mannered Reviews – Superman: Man of Tomorrow #19

Superman: Man of Tomorrow #19

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Superman: Man of Tomorrow #19

Scheduled to arrive in stores: November 9, 2020
Cover date: November 2020


“World’s Vilest”

Writer: Dave Wielgosz
Penciller: Jorge Corona
Inker: Jorge Corona

Reviewed by: Craig Boehmer

Superman and Batman have meat at the Justice League headquarters in space. Superman is in the process of trying to correct Batman for recent “behaviors” on a mission. Batman starts to act defensively towards Superman’s censure of him. In the midst of their argument a group of alternate universe Supermen and Batmen teleport into the base. They have come to defeat Superman and Batman and take over the world. Superman and Batman split up, each fighting the others alternate versions. Batman uses magic to create a Superman destroying armor, and Superman goes into a red sunroom to nullify his weakness to Kryptonite. They each defeat the villains until only the Justice Lord Clark and Bruce are left. At this point they switch opponents and each defeat their alternate selfs. The Justice League Incarnate then appears to apprehend the villains. Throughout the battle Superman and Batman have been discussing with the evil versions everything that makes the pair work well together. In the end Superman states that he is stern with Batman because he likes him so much and wishes they could communicate with each other more effectively. Batman than hugs Superman and leaves. That hug is worth the price of admission.


5Story – 5: This story was a lot of fun. The characterization of Superman and Batman were consistent and true to their cores. And the end showed a very relatable relationship concern that could prevent them from being their best selves. The hug was amazing to see. The only quibble I have was, I wish they had shown Superman and Batman finish the fight against the others Justice Lord alternative.

1Art – 1: This art was not for me. It is really too bad because there were a lot of panels that took me out of the fun story. Faces were weirdly shaped, and the body of Batman made him look like an eighty year old man.

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