Mild Mannered Reviews – Superman: Man of Tomorrow #16

Superman: Man of Tomorrow #16

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Superman: Man of Tomorrow #16

Scheduled to arrive in stores: October 5, 2020
Cover date: October 2020

“True Power”

Writer: Kenny Porter
Penciller: Scott Kolins
Inker: Scott Kolins

Reviewed by: Craig Boehmer

Superman can’t sleep, he feels an incredible dread about some unknown looming threat. The next morning he is dressed as Clark and walks around Metropolis finding peace in watching everyday people. While enjoying the break a boom tube opens up and Darkseid steps out. He reveals he is again attempting to perfect the Anti-Life equation on Superman. Darkseid quickly incapacitates Superman and tries to goad him to fight harder by targeting civilians. He reveals that his Anti-Life Equation was what caused Superman’s sleepless nights and feelings of despair. Darkseid explodes a number of apartment buildings and Superman goes ultra fast. Even ultra fast Darkseid is defeating Superman, but Superman reveals that he was going ultra fast to rescue civilians, each time Darkseid would hit him Superman would race to rescue someone. With the people safe Superman reveals his hope is stronger than Darkseid’s powers, with this revelation he punches Darkseid through a boom tube back to Apokolips.

4Story – 4: I love Darkseid as a villain. Having him pop up in this story was a welcome treat. His confrontation with Superman is great in that he isn’t trying to physically defeat Superman, but spiritually defeat him. Darkseid is not really a villain that Superman can just punch away, it is much more complex than that. With that in mind, my only complaint about this story is that Darkseid, to me, is too big for a single issue story arc. He is a villain that demands a larger story. But that is, really just a minor thing. The story is a fun experience. Plus the little references to “Darkseid is…” was an awesome way to show his influence over Superman’s life while the Anti-Life Equation was hurting him.

5Art – 5: Darkseid is massive! He is thick and powerful looking. Faces were a little troublesome for Kolins, but his figure work was amazing. The page layouts were great and led to a fast paced story. You whip through these panels. The art for Superman: Man of Tomorrow has been killing it lately, and the stories have really let them stretch their legs.

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