Mild Mannered Reviews – Superman: Man of Tomorrow #10

SMOT #10

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Superman: Man of Tomorrow #10

Scheduled to arrive in stores: July 6, 2020
Cover date: July 2020


Writer: Dave Wielgosz
Penciller: Riley Rossmo
Inker: Riley Rossmo

Reviewed by: Craig Boehmer

Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, and Superman are conversing about a problem that Superman insists he will handle on his own. The others ask him to wait for back up, but he refuses storming out of the Hall of Justice. We learn that the problem is Lobo has come to earth. Lobo is trying to capture a small alien prompting Superman to step in, against Lobo’s protestations that Superman doesn’t know what he is doing. The Man of Steel quickly ties up Lobo with his own chains and introduces himself to the little alien. The alien quickly transforms into a giant monster. Lobo reveals that the alien feeds off empathy in order to destroy planets. The three fight. The alien is shocked when he cannot feed off of Superman. Superman tells him that as the two last members of a species, he cannot empathize with anyone who would like to be that. Without a power source the alien shrinks down and Lobo captures it.

3Story – 3: Lobo is a fun villain for Superman, but Superman’s punch first attitude is so different from Venditti’s version that it comes across as annoying. The twist turns the alien into a cheap rendition of Parasite. It left me wanting a good story arc with Lobo antagonizing Superman.

1Art – 1: I like some alternative art styles, but this one didn’t work for me personally. I found it negatively distracting.

“The Champion”

Writer: Michael Moreci
Penciller: Thony Silas
Inker: Thony Silas

Superman wakes up on Warworld having to fight in the arena. He quickly deduces that the only reason he is there is to distract him from Mongul’s attempt to take over earth. He gets himself out and drops Mongul in the arena to face the combatants. Then he races off to destroy the weaponry heading towards earth reminding Mongul that he doesn’t rule the people of earth, he protects them.

2Story – 2: Meh seems to be the best way to describe this story. I want to find a great Mongul story, for the most part he seems like a less intelligent version of Darkseid. Please suggest better Mongul stories! Superman sure didn’t seem weakened during the fight. Mongul’s plan seems really underdeveloped. If you figured out how to knock him unconscious to kidnap him, just keep him unconscious! Why let him wake up? I think the problem with Mongul is he is just another super strong alien despot… How many of these guys are there?

4Art – 4: Art was solid again, no complaints. The Champion looked really cool, if he returned as a henchman of Mongul’s in a future story I’d be down for that.