Mild Mannered Reviews – Multiversity: Teen Justice #3

Multiversity: Teen Justice #3

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Multiversity: Teen Justice #3

Scheduled to arrive in stores: August 2, 2022
Cover date: October 2022

“Will to Survive” – Part Three: “The (Un)Silent Water”

Writer: Ivan Cohen and Danny Lore
Artist: Luciano Vecchio
Cover: Robbi Rodriguez
Variant Covers: Stephanie Hans

Reviewed by: Marc Lax

Raven had a reaction trying to get into the Church of Blood. His soul separates from his body. Klarienne is first to arrive trying to help Raven with her magic. Finally all of Teen Justice arrive to help Raven but what about Troy? Troy is still in the Church of Blood. But before Raven can act Supergirl, along with the team, fly to Superwoman’s Fortress of Tranquility in the Bermuda Triangle. They try to get Raven to listen to reason and tell him that he’s part of the team. Family. Along with Troy. They must have a strategy before they go busting into the church.

Meanwhile on Domus Amoris, home of the Star Sapphires, Aquagirl searches for the Justice Guild. While searching she finds Green Lantern Hal Ferris. Dead. The Lantern Patrol are Anti-Star Sapphire.

Back at the church the team tries to get through the church’s magic shield. With effort they make it. Aquagirl, looking for some source of water, finds an underground river. She enters wearing Hal Ferris’s ring and finds a score of Lantern rings floating in the river. Suddenly the ring comes to life and tells the story of the Lantern Patrol and the Sapphires. The Star Sapphires wanted to unite with the Lanterns. All the Lantern colors reluctantly joined. All except the Green Lanterns. Radical faction of Greens led by Sinestra opposed. Hal tried to stop them but Sinestra prevailed. With the central power battery destroyed Sinestra had to get creative.

Suddenly Aquagirl gets pulled through the river only to end up at… the Church of Blood! She joins her teammates in the search for Troy. Watching all of this is Sinestra and her team of Green Lanterns, who mock Teen Justice while a captured Troy looks on.

4Story – 4: While Supergirl doesn’t do much in this issue, we do get to see Superwoman’s Fortess, which is pretty similar to Superman’s. Still this is a solid issue. It’s fun and imaginative and while the team is extremely dysfunctional, when they finally work together they get things done. I do wonder where it’s all going though and if DC will continue featuring the team after this initial miniseries concludes. I think an ongoing could work.

4Art – 4: I’m really enjoying Vecchio’s pencils. The team looks great and the art is crisp. Each character is very well defined. I’d loved to see more of Vecchio’s work in the future.

3Cover Art – 3: While the cover is striking and colorful, again it’s just another drawing of the team coming at you. It’s very good but kind of dull.

4Variant Cover Art – 4: These solo drawings of Raven and Troy are very solid giving us the character then using the backgrounds to describe their mood. Very effective.

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