Mild Mannered Reviews – Multiversity: Teen Justice #2

Multiversity: Teen Justice #2

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Multiversity: Teen Justice #2

Scheduled to arrive in stores: July 5, 2022
Cover date: September 2022

“Will to Survive” – Part Two: “Who Stole the Soul?”

Writer: Danny Lore and Ivan Cohen
Artist: Marco Failla
Cover: Robbi Rodriguez
Variant Covers: Stephanie Hans

Reviewed by: Marc Lax

Troy and Raven try to infiltrate The Church of Blood and find out what’s really going on. The team always at odds are on a training mission initiated by Aquagirl who doesn’t seem to have the trust of the team. After some training and bickering Supergirl and Kid Quick seemed to be summoned to the Island Nation of Zandia. Aquagirl and Klarienne spar aboard the Justice Guild Space Station. Seems Aquawomen is not happy with the decision to have Raven join the team. Aquagirl leaves on an away mission while Klarienne has a talk with her mentor Zatara. Back on Zandia the team encounter Thunder and Lightning who have regrets over their betrayal. They explain the people of Zandia have been sucked of their energy leaving the children as zombies and the adults dead. At the Church of Blood Raven causes some problems. This leaves Troy and Raven to enact a plan. Later Raven sneaks back in only to find something terrible has happened. Aquagirl and the Guild find that all is not well on the planet they’re exploring and in Zandia the team discover that the real Father Frenzy and Sister Blood are dead.

4Story – 4: Whew! That was a lot. Infighting. A mysterious island. The Church of Blood. Danger on the away mission. It’s a lot to digest but it’s a lot of fun. Each issue seems to bring more conflict within the team but also more characterization. I’m not sure wear the whole Church of Blood story is going other than it involves Sinestra, but our protagonist Gigi, who seems to be our link, still has doubts about the Church’s motives. We haven’t gotten much on the Raven and Troy relationship other than arguing and kind of being in denial over what they really mean to each other. I was surprised not to see Sinestra this issue considering the goings on with the Church and what is discovered in Zandia. We have several issues to explore that and I’m looking forward to it. An entertaining, involved story.

4Art – 4: The team looks great and the action scenes are busy but fun. Loved the look of the Guild’s satellite inside and out. The holographic looking statues of the League is a nice touch.

3Cover Art – 3: A decent representation of the team but nothing too dynamic. It’s eye catching enough being so colorful but not much more.

3Variant Cover Art – 3: A nice drawing of Kid Quick. Simple but it does its job.

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Multiversity: Teen Justice #2