Mild Mannered Reviews – Lois Lane #8

Lois Lane #8

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Lois Lane #8 [of 12]

Scheduled to arrive in stores: February 5, 2020
Cover date: April 2020

“Enemy of the People” – Part Eight

Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Mike Perkins
Cover: Mike Perkins
Variant Cover: Kamome Shirahama

Reviewed by: Mario Bennese

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Lois and Renee have survived the explosion. A new villain named The Kiss of Death stands over a battered Lois. Renee and The Kiss engage in hand-to-hand combat while Lois recovers enough to shoot the would-be assassin in the arm. Then, without a trace, the criminal vanishes. Sometime later, a swarm of police officers arrive at Lois’ hotel in hopes of catching a glimpse of Superman. In a private room, Lois tells Superman that she and Renee can find the perpetrator without his help. Superman takes a moment to visit the officers.

After the initial police investigation, the owner of the hotel drops by to inform Lois that they’ll move her to a new room. During this conversation, the owner also reveals that Alejandra Ortiz never showed up for work that day. This leads Lois and Renee to investigate Ortiz’s neighborhood for clues. Unfortunately for them, there’s no sign of the housekeeper. Renee comes to the conclusion that The Kiss arranged for Ortiz’s place to get raided in order to execute her plan.

At the Royal Wolverhampton, Sister Clarice is instructed to leave Jessica Midnight’s chamber as visiting hours are over. It isn’t until later that one of the guards notice that Jessica stole the nun’s clothes and walked right out the door, leaving the real Sister Clarice in the cell. Having made her way to the airport, Jessica Midnight prepares to board a plane heading for Chicago.

3Story – 3: I fear I’m being too harsh on this maxi-series. I genuinely love Rucka’s work. He’s a skilled author with a firm grasp on the characters he writes, but the more of this book I read, the less I care. The padding in both this issue and the series make it hard to get invested in the main plot. It’s not even that the book is bad, it’s just subpar. I feel like a broken record, but I’m just generally not impressed with this series.

The inclusion of a new super villain is a bit unnecessary, especially since Lois (normally) doesn’t have powers. Whether The Kiss ends up playing a huge role remains to be seen, but right now, I’m not sure why she exists.

3Art – 3: Perkins is a talented artist, but I’m wondering if he might have been rushed with this issue. The faces are the worst part. There are some good ones, but there are definitely some that frighten me.

3Cover Art – 3: I love the concept and the colors, but can Perkins please stop drawing Lois Lane like Michael Keaton?

4Variant Cover Art – 4: Much like the standard cover, I love the concept for this piece. The only thing I feel could use some work is the jacket. Something about the shape and coloring is off.

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