Mild Mannered Reviews – Lois Lane #6

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Lois Lane #6 [of 12]

Scheduled to arrive in stores: December 4, 2019
Cover date: February 2020

“Enemy of the People” – Part Six

Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Mike Perkins
Cover: Mike Perkins
Variant Covers: Mirka Andolfo

Reviewed by: Mario Bennese

Following the events of Event Leviathan, the Sam Lane’s funeral is held. As the funeral proceeds, flashbacks to several points highlight the difficult and complicated relationship between Lois and her father. These flashbacks include her teenage years, the celebration of her first Pulitzer, a period in Jon’s infancy, and after she revealed Clark’s secret to him.

The funeral ends and some time later at a bar, Lois is confronted by her sister Lucy. During the funeral, Lois was unable to accept the United States flag presented to her as a token of appreciation of her father’s service. Lucy accuses Lois of making the funeral all about her and storms off. Lois is comforted by Clark and laments that her father almost saw the good in Superman.

2Story – 2: Just when I thought I was finally rid of the disaster that was Event Leviathan. This is a filler issue. While it’s nice to see Lois’ reaction to the death of her father, I’m left wondering what this has to do with the main plot. I know it’s unfair to criticize something because it doesn’t play out how I imagined it would, but it also seems like the story is being sidestepped to address some change Bendis decided was a good idea. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to want a story to stay focused. I guess what I’m getting at is that this feels more like a collection of unrelated issues than a series with a purpose. It’s like DC wanted to get Lois’ perspective on all of the changes being made, but didn’t want to put a Lois Lane ongoing into production. Perhaps it’s just me, but all momentum is gone. There are six issues left and I can guarantee there will be at least one issue dealing with the fallout of Clark revealing his identity to the world. The A Plot doesn’t matter anymore.

While this issue itself isn’t the worst book I’ve ever read, it does nothing to service the story at hand. Sam didn’t die as a result of anything happening in this book, he died in a completely different series for an unrelated reason. Sure, it’s sad that Sam’s died (again), but it adds nothing and will very likely have no bearing on subsequent issues.

The flashbacks are the most interesting parts of this issue. They give the reader a reason to somewhat care about a character who has been absent from previous issue. It was interesting to see more of the exchange between Lois and Sam after the revelation of Clark’s secret and in another book, I would have liked a bit more of that. If I had any major issue with this issue outside of it being filler, it’d be Lois’ last words:

“He was so close, Clark. He could’ve understood. He could’ve seen it. He could’ve believed in Superman.”

You just lost your father and your closing thoughts are how he was so close to believing in Superman? Sure, the issue highlights their opposing standpoints on Superman, but the entire last page feels like it needed to be reworked. I feel it would have been more poignant if she had reflected on what she learned from him or how the walls between them were starting to crumble and she was beginning to form a more healthy relationship with her father.

3Art – 3: Perkins turns in solid work for the most part. There are several instances of off-putting faces and one instance of janky anatomy and perspective. The colors are muted for large portions of the issue which help add to the gloomy atmosphere.

4Cover Art – 4: Lois still looks a tad like Michael Keaton, but the blue and white combination is pleasing to look at.

3Variant Cover Art – 3: The concept and layout are good, but there’s something off about the execution.

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