Mild Mannered Reviews – Kneel Before Zod #2

Kneel Before Zod #2

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Kneel Before Zod #2

Scheduled to arrive in stores: February 6, 2024
Cover date: April 2024

“New Kandor Now” – “Chapter Two: Glitter in the Dark”

Writer: Joe Casey
Artist: Dan McDaid
Cover: Jason Shawn Alexander
Variant Cover: Lucio Parrillo
1:25 Variant Cover: Francesco Tomaselli

Reviewed by: JP Rocha

The issue picks up with Zod and Ursa torturing the survivor from the Khund attack on New Krypton. Zod shows no mercy for his captive captured while laying siege to the planet. Ursa, who is physically conducting the torture, is enjoying herself. During the torture it is freely revealed that the Khunds want a secret weapon of Zod’s. It is also revealed that they were only a recon unit and a force meant to overwhelm is already on its way.

In response to the force Zod is mobilizing both manufactured drones and mind controlled drones. The mind controlled drones are made by making genetic modifications to the native Jekuul (New Krypton) population which forces them to act as one for the will of Zod.

Targeting all population centers on the planet, the force that arrives at New Krypton are rogue Khunds. Zod is not willing to respond by using his secret weapon; to the dismay of Ursa. Her response is to attack Zod for what she perceives is weakness. She reminds him that he is a conqueror, a leader, and sends him to take command of his troops. Afterwards, we see Zod leading his troops, but what is the full story? Has Zod lost the ambition that his son Lor and now Ursla, question?

4Story – 4: “Chapter Two: Glitter in the Dark” is setting up a full scale war as Zod and his forces are preparing to defend the planet from an invading Khund fleet. So far this book has been very psychological, really getting inside Dru-Zod’s head. There is a sense of isolation as Zod is on this planet alone with just his family. Only the strength of the Zod family is proven weak as Lor-Zod was banished last issue and Ursa seems to abandon Zod in this issue. The only other support Zod has on New Krypton is the Eradicator AI and of course that is just a program. As a conqueror, Zod sees the planet’s natural inhabitants as a nuisance and cannon fodder. Zod is truly isolated, but is he breaking? Regardless, Joe Casey has us asking, what is going on with Zod?

3Art – 3: For the first issue I mentioned Dan McDaid’s art style as underdeveloped and unrefined. I am not sure if the art is growing on me yet, but perhaps there is more to it than my initial unimpressed opinion. McDaid has a rough cartoony style that could easily be used for a DC animated show. As I mentioned for the first issue, McDaid has great character design. Also there are very strong pages with quality artistic detail and many captivating panels.

3Cover Art – 3: In the main cover we see a Zod with glowing red eyes destroying a force of space invaders. In one word, “isolation” is how Kneel Before Zod feels, and this cover does a good job of visualizing the book’s feeling. Showing the anger of Zod as he takes on invading force all by himself. Zod is the leader of the whole planet, but it feels like he is all alone, for it is clear that he cannot even trust his wife and son.

The main cover is the best of the three covers. Both the Lucio Parrillo and Francesco Tomaselli covers are over colored, which works against the two covers. The art style for each of the variants is not quite the traditional DC house style and also does not fit the books style. The Parrillo cover has a hyper realistic look and lacks a dynamic pose.

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