Mild Mannered Reviews – Infinite Frontier #6

Infinite Frontier #6

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Infinite Frontier #6


Scheduled to arrive in stores: September 7, 2021
Cover date: November 2021

“Infinite Multiverse”

Writer: Joshua Williams
Artist: Xermanico
Cover: Mitch Gerards
Variant Covers: Bryan Hitch and Alex Lee/Puppeteer Lee

Reviewed by: Craig Boehmer

The battle rages on as Darkseid reveals his possessed Roy. Obsidian and Jade attack Roy, which allows Obsidian to free him from the darkness. Superman attempts to free the Flash, but is attacked by Machinehead. He defeats him with the help of Batman and then destroys the building the Flash was housed in, causing lighted orbs to descend all over the battlefield. The explosion frees Roy from the ring and sends Flash far flung into the Omniverse. Darkseid voices his displeasure and kills Machinehead. Darksied then sends everyone else home. We then have a few pages showing people’s new realities. At the end Darkseid gathers X-traction to him and promises that a Great Darkness will cover the Omniverse. Plus a cool epilogue with the Flash.


3Story – 3: My major problem with this issue is how inconsequential it made the event seem. The big conflicts are resolved with minimal problems. In a page Roy goes from being a slave of Darkseid and the Darkness, to freed from the Black Ring. It doesn’t feel earned. Similarly the battle ends because Darkseid sends everybody home. It makes the whole event feel incomplete and only partially developed. Which creates a lackluster experience while reading it. That Flash epilogue though is… pretty great.

5Art – 5: Darkseid looks epic. The artists make the most of a very bland story. The art does a lot of successful heavy lifting in this issue. The scene showing Darkseid kill Machinehead is amazing! And his Omega Beam is black! Such a cool touch to show the Darkness.

5Cover Art – 5: I love this cover. Calvin and Darkseid locked in an epic brawl. Both look powerful, but the massive size of Darkseid dwarfs Superman here. The multiple earths and characters from alternate universes in the background is a nice touch. But honestly the cover might have been even better without the clutter in the background.

5Variant Cover Art – 5: Great closeup on Darkseid. He is such a great character, with a killer design.

5Variant Cover Art – 5: Wow! This might be my favourite Darkseid image. The blackness around him creates an aura of mystique. And dude is jacked!

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